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Lower Cholesterol Means Lower Health Insurance

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Every food that comes from an animal contains some type of cholesterol. The fatty substance naturally located in your blood is either good or bad. The good cholesterol that is responsible for creating vital hormones, building cells, and digesting everything you eat is known as high-density lipoprotein, or HDL. The bad stuff that clogs your arteries and causes heart attacks is the low-density lipoprotein, or LDL. When it comes to getting the best rates for health insurance, you don’t have to rely on medications to lower your body’s LDL. Rather, you must eat smart to lose belly fat and lower your bad cholesterol.

To start, get rid of all your butter, trans fat margarines, and polyunsaturated oil. Instead, depend on canola oil and olive oil. You should probably cut back on red meat too. Otherwise, you are consuming plenty of LDL cholesterol in the fattening food. Red meat is rich in damaging lipids that cause your blood to grow thick. Eventually, it may become too thick to flow safely through your heart, veins, and arteries. Besides red meat, eating the skin of poultry can raise your bad cholesterol level and make you chubby. When enjoying some chicken or turkey, just remove all the skin first. The birds’ high amounts of LDL are not worth the taste. If you are trying to lose the belly fat and keep the blood flow steady in your veins, you also have to stop eating fried foods. Sugars, starches and fried foods, in general, are full of oils that quickly turn into fat, raising your LDL level.

What folks should be eating is plenty of fruits and vegetables. Produce contains acid that reduces the risky fats and lipids running through your body. Many men and women even become vegetarians after getting a cholesterol scare. Fresh fruits and veggies come with many more vitamins and nutrients than frozen or canned options in the grocery store. If a vegetarian dish is just too boring for your taste, you can always add some dressing to your food.

A fun trick to help lower your cholesterol is to drink a glass of wine every day. Red wine is more beneficial for your body than white wine. You should drink plenty of orange juice too. Studies show that OJ can reduce bad cholesterol levels by up to 13 percent. Your good levels can also rise by up to 20 percent. Meanwhile, consuming five or six smaller sized meals a day can help you lose weight and dramatically decrease your risk of heart disease.

Men and women over the age of 30 a should get his or her cholesterol levels checked at least twice a year. Your doctor can perform a simple blood test, as well as almost every walk-in clinic and pharmacy in the nation. Some individuals even purchase little kits to perform the blood tests on themselves. It doesn’t matter how you test it. What matters is that you lose the belly fat, lower your bad cholesterol level, and get the best health insurance on the market.

For the last decade, Insurance Line One has been offering the best full-service health insurance plans. Offering more than just affordable insurance, we are a national agency that is passionately committed to providing help to EVERY American's medical insurance needs.

Maybe you enjoy eating a bit too much red meat or perhaps high cholesterol runs in your family’s blood. Whatever the case may be, possessing quality health insurance can be a lifesaver when you have to lower your cholesterol. To learn more, visit Insurance Line One or call 800-606-1671. #insurance #healthinsurance 


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