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Add a Pool to Your Home?

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Now that men, women and children are enjoying the summer heat, adding a swimming pool to your backyard can be a dream come true. You never have to worry about trekking to the community pool or the beach, paying for parking, or getting sand all over your possessions. Not only can you, your friends and your family have loads of fun while getting a bit of exercise, a pool can add plenty of value to a piece of property.

If you are thinking of putting a pool on your real estate, start your homework with shopping costs. While a majority of pools are built in the backyard, the price will vary based on factors like size, a diving board and a heater. Will there be a deep end, and what kind of landscape will be around the pool? If you have kids running around, a fence is a necessity. Sure, the addition of a swimming pool can add plenty of value to your home, but you could be looking at roughly $50,000 to put one in. That doesn’t even include keeping it clean, as well as heated. 

Think about how nice it can be to use your pools for swimming parties. Kids will play Marco Polo, while the adults swim laps or simply chill out. Your backyard will become a social spot for friends and neighbors. The fellas can watch the big game on TV, while the women use floats to work on their tans. Grandparents can always use their pool to entice grandkids to come over and play. 

Of course, every rose has its thorn or two. The novelty of possessing your own pool on your property gets old quite rapidly. Children living at home will eventually grow up and move out. Over time, you and your spouse may also grow too old to swim laps in the pool. Yet, you will still have to clean it. Meanwhile, unfortunate accidents can always occur. A baby can fall in and drown, or an adult can break his or her neck by diving into the wrong end of the pool. 

At the end of the day, as well as the end of winter, homeowners love the idea of having their own swimming pools on their properties. It is just too bad that folks never get to go swimming as much as they originally intended. You may be better off popping quarters into the parking meter at the public pool every now and then. But if getting a pool is in your budget, it can do wonders for your property’s value when it comes time to put it on the market. Meanwhile, you, your friends and family can have an absolute blast. 

Regardless of how much fun a swimming pool can bring to your home, you should also consider your homeowners’ insurance. After all, the luxurious pool can easily become a liability. While there are smart moves you can make to lesson your risk, as well as your premium, your insurance rates will rise. At least you can work with the best agents in the business to find you the most cost-effective rates for adding a pool to your home. Call Insurance Line One now at 800-606-1671 now to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable insurance agent. #homeownersinsurance


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